Inconsistent search results while querying currency exchange rate

Recently, when I tried to see the value of NZD (New Zealand Dollar) against other currencies, I was shocked to see that it valued so much in comparison to EUR. I didn't know NZD had valued so much in recent years but something didn't feel right.

Although Google does a good job of highlighting the relevant search result, I think this has gone too far. Notice how the conversion rate is highlighted in bold and bigger characters in a mobile search result on an iOS device. On a quick look, it certainly feels like 1 NZD = 1.19 EUR, which might make some New Zealanders (temporarily) happy.

If you notice carefully, it has converted 2 NZD to EUR which I didn't ask for. I thought this was probably due to simplifying the result instead of giving a 0.59 value. However, I checked back on my laptop which had different results.

1. NZD to EUR (same query on both devices)

2. NZD to USD

3. NZD to NOK

The question still remains, why is it converting 2 NZD instead of 1. If the reason was to simplify the conversion rate, it would have shown similar traits for weaker currencies from Costa Rica or even Venezuela. But, no. I tried searching at the competition ( but it doesn't understand these queries. At least doesn't try to provide simplified misleading results. 


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