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Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro M (White LED)

I noticed this issue while playing with my new keyboard. I have reported to the retailer I bought it from and also emailed CoolerMaster (
Steps to reproduce.
Take a laptop running Windows 10. Please make sure that the account is protected by password and password is asked when waking up from sleep.Connect the Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro M keyboard sure the keyboard is properly working with the laptop.Put the laptop to standby/sleep.Wake up the laptop by pressing any of the letters key (A-Z) on the keyboard. This happens with other keys as well, such as Ctrl key but it is hard to show effect of that on login screen.In the password prompt, (if the keyboard has issue) you'll see that some characters being typed continuously, as dots. If you see those dots, you can click on the 'eye' like icon to view that it is the same character as the one you pressed to wake up the computer…

Zalando Websites and their weird Top Categories

I encountered this issue while looking at Zalando's websites for different countries. On their homepage (after redirecting to their country specific website), you can view the 'Top Categories" which were browsed/viewed by users across the Europe/Worldwide.

I noticed that something was weird with the list as I saw "nicht verfugbar" on the website, which means "not available".

Curious to know, if that was just one isolated incident on Zalando's German website, I checked all of Zalando's website and found similar occurrence on multiple country specific websites. The only country specific websites which did NOT have such issue were located in countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark etc.

To me, who has no idea about their growth sitting at my computer table, it felt like indication of something. I could come up with (unproven) theory that "Not available" or similar terms could be indication of people browsing product…