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Android 4.1.2: Google Play: Update apps over WiFi only (updated with Google's response)

I've noticed this many times in office, when I'm connected between fluctuating WiFi network (as I roam around), the nice feature of "Update apps over WiFi only" gets into action.

I use a 2G/EDGE data connection when I'm not in office which is quite costly per mb of data. Well, the bug with Google Play app is that, once it starts updating app over WiFi, it doesn't stop if WiFi is lost. This has caused my cellphone bills to shoot up because I'm not aware when a WiFi connection is lost inside office.

I believe even by design it should detect what kind of signal you are on and decide actions based on that. Using connected to WiFi as trigger point and not handling situations when WiFi is lost, would have costed many users. I'm not sure if people have already logged this against android.

Well, I've logged it as Issue 53090. Thank you Google.

I received following response from Google Play support team.

Thanks for contacting us. I understand you ha…

Google Reader Bug #1

Google Reader is my favorite tool for reading blogs. It's so awesome that I've stopped visiting websites that I used to daily (sorry no ad clicking there).

However, as I can notice, it's pretty buggy! Sometimes feeds are repeated. Unread count goes crazy. You can see below that I've read all feeds from AJE, however it still insists/shows that 2 items are unread.

Someone has to work on that.