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Google Hangouts: Not so finished

I'm still struggling to get a hold of Google hangouts. It's supposed to be cool and awesome. But, I found it little annoying at times. Specially, it fails to show the current status of my friends in the list.
This morning I pinged my friend to chat about something. Again, he wasn't shown online. Moments later, he pings me back and a new chat window pops up? Why? Was he using a different ID? NO. Why does it happen?
I'm not sure if I would get a reply on this one. But logically it seems (from the recent behaviour of hangouts) that every chat is part of conversation ID (when they were busy copying others). So, a different conversation ID, leads to a new chat window. 
But should that be a conversation ID? I don't think so.

Another annoyance is that in open chat windows, if I'm switching between (browser) tabs, the cursor stays there, but the chat is scrolled back up and it shows, 1 new message. If you really wanna show 1 new message, show me where I was. Why scroll bac…